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"I have worked with many voices actors in my 30 years in the business and I have to say that Tiana has easily become one of my absolute favorites. She is extremely professional, quick, accommodating, understand even the most complex creative direction, she is articulate and most of all she is able to add that special subtle flair to a voice over that cannot be described in any creative direction. She delivered 31 lines for a corporate phone system and it was absolutely FLAWLESS on her first pass. Can't say enough about her. You cannot go wrong hiring Tiana no matter what your project may be. She is now the official voice of my new company."

- The Dream Counsel

"Tiana is A+ Extremely versatile, fast, and we would happily use her again in the future."

- Mad Otter Games

"Just wow...Tiana gave us a bone-chilling performance that was just so fun to edit and put in our game. It was incredible."

- Frostburn Studios

"Tiana is my go to Voice over actress, she's got a great range and energy- not to mention she's fast and reliable. Amazingly talented woman!

- Dexter Manning, Smashbits Animations

"I got instant perfection with Tiana, her genuinely natural voice and intonations blew me away! I'll work with her any chance I get!"

- Marco Arsenault, Evil-Dog Productions


"Tiana's a blast to work with! She's so good at getting into a character it was like she read my mind. Great sense of humor, easy to direct, would work with her again!"

- Javier "Atrox" Ulloa, artist and animator

"Great to work with, provided several takes, all infused with character, which gave me a lot of flexibility."

- Pablo Gonzalez Flores

"The range of Tiana's voices in terms of character and tone have made it easy for me to cast her in multiple roles, and her sense of humour and experience with voice acting for animation means she's usually able to just 'get' the character without requiring too much workshopping or explanation from me. She can produce voices for all sorts of characters whose ages differ by many decades, and can do impersonations and adopt different accents too. Her professional attitude no matter how big or small the project makes her one of the most reliable VAs I've worked with. Tiana's vocal abilities go way beyond comedy cartoon character voice acting, and I intend to put them to use in my future videos as well (fingers crossed)!"

- Andrew Kepple, Too Much Spare Time

Tiana's voice work always booms with expression. You'll never find a dull moment or a flat emotion in her work."

- Nick Herlofsky, Animator

"For as long as I've known her, Tiana has always developed a level of passion for any roles she's taken part in. In the times I've written and directed her in projects, her performances brought a life to the characters that often exceeded my imagination."

- Richard Myrie, Audio Drama Producer


"Ms. Camacho is a terrifyingly amazing voice actress! I came to her with a character for an eleven minute animation, and three days later she sent in lines that not only completely captured the intended character, but added some incredible and unexpected depth to the episode as a whole! Easily one of the best actors I've ever worked with!"

- Kim Morton, Smashbits Animations


"Legends have said 'the best ability is availability'. While she can do far more than show up, listen to the legends. Reliability in show business is key, and neither rain, nor sleet, nor a hurricane's gonna stop her from performing at a competitive level when a role needs filling."

- Max Field, Casting Director and Voice Director


"Tiana is a very enthusiastic and determined actor with the talent to boot. If you want someone that can provide a wide vocal range and the willingness to keep going until they get the right take, she's someone to definitely consider."

- Aron Keyser, Animator


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